Tuesday, 26 January 2010

How to Portray a Scene Style that is Cool

How to Portray a Scene Style that is Cool

The cool thing about scene kids is how they portray a scene style that makes them look smart and modern.  If you want to be a real scene kid that attracts people instead of annoying them, you must dress up appropriately.
You can wear tight skinny jeans that expose your slim legs but make them loose at the back.  See to it that they remain to be tight, but just in case they get loose, use a dryer so that you can get back their elasticity then, shrink them a little.

Your jeans should not be flares or bootcuts, but straight-leg pencil jeans.  Hook up a carabiner, then, clip it on your keys and put on the side of your skinny jeans.  Choose the tightest fitting t-shirt but don’t wear crew necks always as they look awkward, or you can wear band shirts and graphic shirts.

Be sure that the band you are displaying is the latest.  You can wear vintage band shirts with birds, animal prints and skulls which are the latest scene designs.  Avoid using Pokemon and foil print because they are already outmoded.

Scene kids normally wear loads of eyeliner and converse chucks or vans.  A lot of scene kids wear bandanas around their necks or cover their face.

Scene girls wear shoes that are bright such as vans, ballet flats, Converse, or high heels which are eye-catching.  To make your shoes look great, you can add things like neon shoelaces with signatures of your friends on your shoes but make sure they look personalized.
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