Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Scene hair-Scene Coontail

Scene hair-Scene Coontail

Scene Coontail hair is a part of scene hair with streaks or stripes similar to racoon tail.This form of style are following scene kids who want a new kind of scene hairstyles and is getting increasingly popular, because of the versatile alternatives you have when creating Scene Coontail hair.It's entirely more or less stripes when talking about Scene Coontail and the more exciting color mixtures you find, the more trendy you will be.

Coontail streaks are generally blonde and brownish or jet black, but it may be done with whatever different color:

Scene hair-Blond Scene Coontail

Scene hair-red and blond Scene Coontail

Scene hair-Scene Coontail

Scene hair-red and blue Scene Coontail

Scene hair-Boy Scene Coontail

Scene hair-pink,blue and blond Scene Coontail


Anonymous said...

When you post, try to find exceptional looking photos. I mean if a person looks bad or the hair just doesn't look good, don't post it! Find another or just have one less picture. And know exactly what you are posting about and make sure it makes sense! If you post something labeled COON TAILS and have a girl with like cheetah print hair or NO coon tail, it makes you look bad and kinda stupid (not saying you are). Anyway, the rest of the photos are great and information able.